What's Model Life Really Like?









Colin Bryce Hamilton is living the dream.  As a model, he jet-sets around the globe hooking up with cover-girls while he nurtures his eight-pack abs all in an effort to get to Milan, and the supermodel career he knows he deserves.


But when Colin suffers a catastrophic sex injury life as he knows it stops. Then his agency in Milan dumps him, and his confidence takes a devastating hit.  Soon he's binging on greasy everything, losing work to his self-proclaimed best friend, and being ignored by Taylor, the new girl in town.  When his teenage sister, Jasmine, arrives determined to model--despite his urging to do anything but join the self-esteem wrecking gauntlet of fashion--Colin loses it entirely.

With his dreams of Milan slipping away, and a notorious photographer with equally notorious genitals moving in on his sister, Colin must pull it together to save her and redeem himself at the biggest fashion show of the season proving to Taylor he's not just another shallow model.

Hilarious and insightful look at the psyche of a model desperate to hold on to the source of his validation.

Melissa Brinks, Indie Reader

Ballsy and funny, tongue-in-cheek and nicely satirical.

Peter Blackstock, Grove Atlantic


A sharp and funny observation of a crazy subculture.

Adam Chromy, Movable Type


Hilarious and stimulating, unadulterated insight into the world of fashion modeling.

Beatrice Chia Richmond, Director