Why Big Smile No Teeth?

Why do I call my facebook page, my instagram account, my twitter handle and now my blog Big Smile No Teeth?

A perfectly executed big smile no teeth. Thank you modeling.

Because that was an order I was asked to do over and over throughout my modeling career. I'd be in front of the camera and someone would yell, "Big smile!" And I'd break out my cheesy grin. They snap a shot and then say, "Big smile, no teeth!" which at first confused me but I soon realized they wanted a softer smile, a more geniune smirk, a knowing happy glance.

Yes, being a model is full of nuance.

Over the years, I'd mess with clients when they asked for the big smile no teeth, something smiling wide but covering my teeth with my lips looking like an octogenarian--thank you Logan for introducing that word into my vocabulary--other time I would mash my lips together and grin wide looking like a complete imbecile, and most times it would get a laugh from the crew but sometimes everyone would just stare at me and someone would say "No, not like that." And I'd go back to my usual BSNT.


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