Commenting on Twitter Taught Me not to Comment on Twitter.

Twitter is a favourite spot for news, because lots of news tends to break on twitter, and sadly, I do enjoy the snark. But sometimes I read tweet after tweet that seems so illogical that it infuriates me but mostly, I keep quiet.

This time I didn't.

Reading the comments on @PattonOswalt which I told myself I would never do, because he gets an array of ridiculous comments that make me want to stab myself with a butter knife, I couldn't help myself.

Someone called him out for his political opinions, which I constantly see on Twitter when celebs do anything but sing and dance, and deployed a minimal amount of snark asking if this was a bot. I shouldn't have done that.

Not that I received a ton of attention but what I did wanted me to find a butter knife as people called me a "fucking jackass" and told me "from all of us in America, we don't care what you foreigners think". And it was my fault. If I had just kept to myself to begin with, I wouldn't have to cringe every time I looked at Twitter for the next hour or so.

Ironically, the dude I originally trolled--and yes, it was my fault as his original comment wasn't uber mean or anything--ended up being pretty level headed and gave me some insight into his views.

In any case, I'll refrain from commenting on comments unless I'm being constructive.

It's not worth the angst I receive or provoke.

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