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January 26, 2018

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Man, We Need Wakanda.

February 21, 2018

Just checked out MCU's Black Panther and I am pumped! Stoked! I left the theater cheering!

Then I remembered it's not real.

But man, do we ever need a country to come out of nowhere and tell us it's been hiding all of it's hyper awesome high tech gear--like mag trains, and remote virtual driving for all vehicles, and suits built into necklaces--and tell us don't worry, we're here to end inequality with the abundance of Vibranium we happen to have.

If only there was a hero nation laying in wait to unite the world, share life changing tech, and give us all Black Panther suits--death due to accidents would drop dramatically, but idiots throwing their friends off rooftops would likely increase, I suppose technology is double edged sword--instead we're stuck with crumbling and spineless democracies giving way to authoritarian regimes.


Oh, Wakanda if only you existed. Or maybe you do....

Namibia I'm looking at you.


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