Someone's Out There!

Getting positive feeback is calming like the sun shining through the grass.

Something happened today that doesn't normally happen. My editor messaged me to say one of my articles got a particularly interesting comment, which is to say it got a comment at all, because usually my articles go out, get no response and they're gone.

Well, this comment was on an article I wrote about The Room. You can read the article and the comment here.

The comment was from someone name Edward Lozzi, who claimed to be the publicist for the director/writer/star of The Room. He called my article the most fair review--which it wasn't meant as one but sure--of the film he's read. Which is awesome!

Of course, there's no way to verify if he is who he claims he is, and I have no idea how he found my article so quickly if he's really a publicist in LA, but whatever! It's great to get a supportive comment.

It also helps balance the reader who called the same article 'simply atrocious journalism' because in the reader's opinion I assumed the readers were 'buffoons' or I was woefully 'ignorant of the internet'. I definitely don't assume anyone is a buffoon, and I don't think I'm ignorant of the internet but the Dunning Kruger Effect is a thing. So who knows.

Normally, this kind of vitriol is reserved for my articles about income inequality because apparently nothing pisses people off more than someone saying we should be more equal.

But enough with the negative! Positive feedback! Boom!

Thanks, Edward Lozzi!

#writing #comment #atrociousjournalism

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