And... I Still Go to Castings...

Btw this is a stock image and the model probably got paid an hourly rate for a shot that is now licensed to be used by whoever has access to it on Wix.

Worrying too much about my looks, tediously boring hours spent being posed like a live action mannequin, feeling guilty whenever I eat a slice of pizza, there's not much I miss about modeling, except the money.

That sweet sweet easy cash.

That's why sometimes I'll find myself at a casting. Today was one of those days and the casting went like this:

Casting guy: Hey!

Me: hi, I'm Jas-

Casting Guy: Chris!

Me: uh Jason.

Casting Guy: oh right right right, from Models Genesis?

Me: Model one.

Casting guy: oh!

Me: Need to see my book?

Casting guy: oh no need. I know you so well!

Do you? Do you really casting guy?

I'm pretty sure he had me mistaken for somebody else but if it helps me get the job, fuck it.

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